In recent times, cold blend espresso has attracted a growing number of fans. Outside Indonesia, cold brew espresso is becoming a trend. Cold blend espresso is certainly attractive because the blending design does not include the “openness to heat” like standard espresso. Cold mixtures are prepared using water at room temperature, or cold water.

According to espresso experts, this cold fermentation technique is considered to keep the espresso from being oxidized by the hot water temperature. So that in the end the espresso released produces a more complete taste and will generally be tastier.

In this strategy, the viral espresso blend we tried was made using a 1,150 ml Hario Mizudashi espresso pitcher. In addition to the very simple interaction that should also be done by espresso fans who may still be confused about how to make cold brew, with this size we can also serve it for 5 cups. It’s quite optimal for tagging along with friends. Or on the other hand make your own drink stock at home.

What to prepare:

80 grams of espresso beans

Mizudashi Cold Brew 1.150 ml

  • Processor

Water (cold) 1.150 ml

Step by step instructions for making:

  1. Grind the coffee beans coarsely, or slightly to coarse if you don’t believe the taste should be too extreme.
  2. Put the ground espresso powder into the Mizudashi sieve. Place the sieve into a glass pot/bottle.
  3. Pour water, wet all the coffee beans until evenly distributed. Pour in the water gradually. Stop when the water level has reached the grip’s focal point.
  4. Stir well so that the espresso and water can be mixed perfectly. It is recommended not to use objects that point sharply at the mix so as not to damage the channel.
  5. Cover the Mizudashi pot. Then put it in the cooler. The best time to ‘splash’ cold blended espresso is 8 hours, but the duration of this cooling depends on individual preference.
  6. After about 8 hours, remove the Hario Mizudashi espresso pot from the cooler. Remove the sieve — if you want to keep the sieve in the pan after extraction, the flavors will be overpowering.
  7. Done. Espresso mix espresso is suitable to be enjoyed.