Angelina Jolie Spotted Greeting Fans in Lviv, Ukraine

Angelina Jolie Spotted Greeting Fans in Lviv, Ukraine

  • Angelina Jolie frequented a espresso store in Lviv, in western Ukraine, on Saturday afternoon, a video clip exhibits.
  • Lviv is significantly absent from the frontline of the war with Russia but has skilled missile strikes this thirty day period.
  • Jolie is traveling in the area in a own ability, not in her purpose as a UN Distinctive Envoy, the UNHCR stated.

Actress Angelina Jolie greeted surprised fans at a coffee shop in Lviv, Ukraine, on Saturday afternoon.

A online video shared by journalist Mayya Podgorodetskaya on Fb demonstrates Jolie smiling and signing an autograph during her stop by to the Ukrainian espresso shop.

“I just went to have a coffee, and it really is only Angelina Jolie,” Podgorodetskaya wrote in the caption. “Ukraine is only supported by the entire planet.”

The western Ukrainian town of Lviv is regarded as safer than spots in the east of the state, but it was targeted with missile strikes this thirty day period.

Many other parts of the country are nevertheless less than attack, with most of the fighting having put in the east of Ukraine.

It is not straight away distinct why Jolie, the United Nations Unique Envoy for Refugees, was traveling to the war-torn region.

A spokesperson for the UNHCR, the United Nations company responsible for refugees, explained to Insider that she was traveling to the location in a “particular potential” and that the UNHCR had no involvement in the take a look at.

Before her Ukraine check out, Jolie met with Ukrainian child refugees in Rome, Italy, per the Evening Typical.

Jolie’s administration did not instantly respond to Insider’s request for remark.