Duke adds two new Asian dining options to food truck program

Duke adds two new Asian dining options to food truck program

Duke University, renowned for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, has expanded its food truck program by introducing two exciting new Asian dining options. The addition of these culinary delights brings a fresh and vibrant twist to the campus dining scene, offering students and staff a wide range of delicious Asian flavors right at their fingertips.

As a university that values multicultural experiences, Duke understands the significance of diverse dining options. Recognizing the growing demand for Asian cuisine, the university has responded by welcoming two new food trucks specializing in Asian fare. These additions not only enhance the culinary landscape on campus but also provide students with an opportunity to explore the rich and varied flavors of Asian cuisine.

Overview of Duke University’s food truck program

Duke University’s food truck program has long been a favorite among students, faculty, and staff. The program brings a dynamic and ever-changing selection of food options to the campus community, offering a convenient and diverse culinary experience. With the recent addition of two new Asian food trucks, the program has expanded its offerings to cater to a wider range of tastes and preferences.

Importance of diversity in dining options

In a multicultural society, diversity extends beyond the classroom and into various aspects of campus life. Dining options play a crucial role in providing a sense of inclusion and representation for students from different cultural backgrounds. By diversifying its food truck program, Duke University not only celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures present on campus but also creates an environment where students feel valued and connected through food.

Introduction of the two new Asian dining options

Option 1: Asian Fusion Delights

One of the newly added food trucks is “Asian Fusion Delights,” which brings a fusion of flavors from different Asian cuisines. From mouthwatering sushi rolls to tantalizing stir-fries, this truck offers an extensive menu that caters to a variety of taste preferences.

Menu offerings

The menu at Asian Fusion Delights boasts a wide range of dishes, including:

  • Freshly rolled sushi with a selection of fillings and sauces
  • Flavorful noodle bowls inspired by Chinese and Thai cuisine
  • Crispy and aromatic Korean-style fried chicken
  • Savory and hearty Vietnamese pho
  • Delectable dumplings with various fillings and dipping sauces
Unique features

Asian Fusion Delights stands out not only for its diverse menu but also for its commitment to using high-quality ingredients. The food truck sources fresh produce and authentic Asian spices, ensuring that each dish delivers an exceptional taste experience. Additionally, the truck embraces sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging, promoting a greener dining experience.

Customer reviews

The introduction of Asian Fusion Delights has garnered rave reviews from students and staff alike. Customers praise the truck for its flavorful dishes, generous portions, and friendly staff. Many have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to savor a fusion of Asian flavors conveniently on campus.

Option 2: Authentic Asian Street Food

The second food truck joining Duke’s food truck program is “Authentic Asian Street Food,” which brings the vibrant and bustling experience of Asian street markets to campus. This truck focuses on serving traditional street food dishes from various Asian countries.

Menu offerings

Authentic Asian Street Food offers an array of beloved dishes, including:

  • Fragrant and flavorful Thai curries with a choice of protein and spice level
  • Satisfying bowls of Japanese ramen with rich broths and customizable toppings
  • Crispy and delicious Chinese scallion pancakes
  • Spicy and tangy Korean kimchi fried rice
  • Sweet and savory Filipino-style barbecue skewers
Cultural experience

Beyond the delectable food, Authentic Asian Street Food aims to provide a cultural experience to diners. The food truck’s vibrant decorations, inspired by Asian street markets, transport customers to the bustling streets of Bangkok, Tokyo, and Seoul. Through its ambiance and flavors, this truck offers a taste of Asian culture to the campus community.

Customer favorites

Since its introduction, Authentic Asian Street Food has quickly become a favorite among students and staff. Diners appreciate the truck’s commitment to authenticity and the opportunity to indulge in traditional Asian street food without leaving campus. The generous portions and affordable prices have also contributed to its popularity.

Benefits of the new additions

Enhanced culinary diversity

The introduction of these new Asian food trucks significantly enhances the culinary diversity at Duke University. By adding a fusion of Asian flavors and authentic street food, the campus community can explore a wide range of taste sensations, expanding their culinary horizons.

Meeting student demands

Duke University prides itself on listening to the needs and desires of its students. The inclusion of Asian dining options in the food truck program demonstrates the university’s commitment to meeting student demands and ensuring that their dining experiences are reflective of their diverse backgrounds and preferences.

Exposure to different cuisines

The two new Asian food trucks not only provide satisfying meals but also offer an educational opportunity for the campus community. By exposing students and staff to diverse Asian cuisines, these trucks encourage cultural appreciation and foster a greater understanding of different food traditions.

Collaboration with local Asian food vendors

Duke University’s commitment to supporting local businesses extends to its food truck program. The two new Asian food trucks have partnered with local Asian food vendors, ensuring that the ingredients used in their dishes are fresh, authentic, and sustainably sourced. This collaboration not only strengthens the ties between the university and the local community but also ensures the highest quality dining experience for customers.

Positive impact on the food truck program

The addition of the Asian food trucks has had a positive impact on Duke’s food truck program overall. It has increased the program’s popularity, attracting a wider range of customers who appreciate the diverse dining options. The success of these new additions has encouraged the university to explore further collaborations and additions to the food truck lineup in the future.


Duke University’s introduction of two new Asian dining options to its food truck program demonstrates its dedication to diversity, cultural appreciation, and meeting the demands of its students and staff. These additions not only enhance the culinary landscape on campus but also provide a valuable opportunity for the campus community to explore the flavors and cultures of Asia.