Eating Food – Healthy Foods Save Lives

Eating Food – Healthy Foods Save Lives

Eat food healthy to live strong.

Do you live with asthma? How about allergies? Diabetes? What about cancer, heart disease, ADHD, or infertility? Chances are, you’re looking at this article not because of any of these things, but because you are interested in improving your physique, if not your overall health. User Few people realize that all of these things are caused by the long-term effects of unhealthy food choices.

This is not to say that every case of infertility or cancer can be treated with diet. Some rare few are legitimately come by for other reasons such as infections or genetics – but the facts don’t support a sudden explosion of infectious or genetic cases of all of these increasingly common diseases. Genetics doesn’t change in a matter of two generations – and three generations ago, most of these diseases were unheard of. And our sanitation has only improved over time, making infections so much less likely. The real culprit behind the American health crisis – is food.

I know. I’ve watched it happen.

Two years ago, my wife had asthma, allergies, infertility, PMS, sleep disorders, and a host of other minor maladies. She was also so overweight that she collapsed after trying to walk two blocks to a concert. She had an emotional breakdown that day, and resolved to solve her problem. With the assistance of a licensed nutritionist, she lost 75 pounds in two years – not fast compared to some short-term diets, but the weight is going to stay off for the rest of her life. The kicker is, she had a baby during that time. That’s right – her infertility was a dietary issue, as was every other problem I mentioned. Today, she sleeps soundly, breathes easily, and enjoys life with our new infant.

In that same timeframe, her mother was diagnosed with melanoma of the heel. She changed her diet, and when she went in one month later to have her cancer examined, the doctor thought he was looking at the wrong foot. kampanye di media sosial She had not entirely conquered the cancer – she still required surgery to excise the mass itself – but the festering wound that accompanied it had healed, and the mass had shrunk by 70{460fb034a27e548ed5501d55c9fd9d89f1a53c3345e8f9d2a556ed1430e65ba9}. As I write this, she is refusing to sit in her wheelchair with her foot raised, insisting she has too much energy and needs to do some housework.

You just need to know what to eat, and how.

At my request, my nutritionist has allowed me to interview her and closely examine her nutritional assessment process, and given me leave to write in detail about how to eat food. Healthy life, it turns out, starts with the same basics regardless of your individual metabolism or health concerns. Eat whole, not-overcooked food; get a wide variety of fruits and veggies; avoid flour and sugar…the list is short, and it forms the basis of every eat-food-healthy diet that works. Ever wonder why eating sugar seems to make some people hyperactive and other people tired? Or why, if avoiding fat is supposed to be heart-healthy, the American populace has more heart disease now than ever before despite our obsession with avoiding fat? The fact is, we just don’t know what makes us unhealthy