Felicitous Coffee and Tea House in Tampa

Felicitous Coffee and Tea House in Tampa

Welcome to Felicitous Coffee and Tea House, a delightful and cozy café located in the heart of Tampa, Florida. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, extensive menu offerings, and commitment to quality, Felicitous has become a beloved destination for coffee and tea enthusiasts in the area.

History of Felicitous Coffee and Tea House

Established in 2008 by a passionate team of coffee and tea aficionados, Felicitous Coffee and Tea House has been serving the Tampa community with a diverse range of hot and cold beverages for over a decade. What started as a small, family-owned business has blossomed into a beloved local establishment renowned for its exceptional flavors and welcoming ambiance.

Location and Ambiance

Situated in a charming corner of Tampa, Felicitous Coffee and Tea House greets visitors with its cozy and inviting ambiance. The café’s rustic décor, comfortable seating arrangements, and warm lighting create a relaxed and intimate setting, perfect for catching up with friends, studying, or simply enjoying a peaceful moment alone.

Menu and Specialties

Felicitous Coffee and Tea House offers an extensive menu that caters to the varied tastes of its customers. From aromatic coffees and refreshing teas to mouthwatering pastries and savory sandwiches, there is something to satisfy every palate. The menu features a wide selection of organic and fair-trade options, ensuring that customers can indulge in their favorite beverages while supporting sustainable and ethical practices.

Quality of Ingredients

At Felicitous Coffee and Tea House, quality is of the utmost importance. The café sources its ingredients from trusted suppliers who share their commitment to excellence. Whether it’s the freshly roasted coffee beans or the premium tea leaves, every component is carefully selected to ensure the highest standard of taste and flavor.

Customer Experience

The team at Felicitous is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. The friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always ready to offer recommendations and assist with any inquiries. The café’s comfortable seating arrangements, free Wi-Fi access, and inviting ambiance create an environment that encourages relaxation and fosters a sense of community.

Events and Community Involvement

Felicitous Coffee and Tea House takes pride in being an active participant in the local community. The café regularly hosts events such as open mic nights, live music performances, and poetry readings, providing a platform for artists and performers to showcase their talents. Additionally, Felicitous actively supports charitable initiatives and collaborates with local organizations to contribute to the betterment of Tampa’s community.

Sustainability Initiatives

With a focus on environmental responsibility, Felicitous Coffee and Tea House implements several sustainability initiatives. The café uses eco-friendly packaging materials, promotes recycling practices, and sources its ingredients from sustainable and socially responsible suppliers. By prioritizing sustainability, Felicitous aims to minimize its ecological footprint and inspire customers to make conscious choices for the planet.

Online Reviews and Reputation

Felicitous Coffee and Tea House has garnered a stellar reputation among locals and visitors alike. With glowing reviews praising the café’s exceptional drinks, delectable treats, and welcoming atmosphere, it has become a go-to destination for coffee and tea lovers in Tampa. The café’s strong online presence and positive feedback on platforms like Yelp and Google further attest to its popularity and the satisfaction of its customers.


Felicitous Coffee and Tea House in Tampa is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee or tea—it is an experience. From the warm and inviting ambiance to the carefully crafted beverages and delectable menu offerings, every aspect of Felicitous is designed to create moments of joy and connection. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor passing through, a visit to Felicitous is sure to leave you with a lasting impression.