New OREO Frozen Treats blend innovation and playfulness

New OREO Frozen Treats blend innovation and playfulness

The legendary sandwich cookie has taken on a lot of flavors and varieties. With the new OREO Frozen Treats, the expanded portfolio gives the delicious OREO taste with a minor excess sweet playfulness. As a substitute of twisting or dunking, it is time to choose a major bite, irrespective of a brain freeze.

The cookie aisle has been comprehensive of OREO innovation. Normally, the minimal-version flavors have individuals operating to the shop for that to start with chunk. When these choices have individuals talking, it by no means changed the vintage.

The actuality is that a vintage wafer cookie with luscious crème sandwiched in the middle is a flavor that everybody is aware of. When men and women can discussion which amount of money of crème is very best or what is the best beverage pairing, the actuality is that there is a reason why OREO is regarded as America’s favourite sandwich cookie by several.

Even now, OREO appreciates that the traditional needs to mix with the new. For this start, OREO has stepped out of the cookie aisle and embraced the cold. As Justin Parnell, Vice President, OREO US stated, “Created for our most faithful supporters, we have perfected the OREO Frozen Treats recipes to produce the signature OREO taste in every bite. We hope this delightful new handle will give even additional options for followers to foster moments of playful connection around a shared enjoy of OREO.”

OREO Frozen Treats

New OREO Frozen Treats, image provided by OREO

Which new OREO Frozen Treats should really be tried out 1st?

According to the model, the new OREO Frozen Treats element numerous solutions consists of, OREO Bars, OREO Cones, OREO Sandwiches, ad OREO tubs in two measurements. While the common cookie taste is captured in just about every chunk, the presentation appeals to several individuals.

While there can be other cookies and product frozen desserts, this offering is diverse. Since it is from OREO, each and each individual bite has the genuine OREO flavor.

Searching at the choices, the OREO Bars seem to capture that feeling of nostalgia however are considerably from previous-school. The mixture of textures from the coating with crushed cookie items is the best contrast to the crème-flavored frozen dessert. That small touch of crunch is the great nod to the typical cookie.

The OREO Cones carry a flavor of the ice product store. This solution boosts the taste a minor additional with the excess items and coating. Just make sure that each and every chunk is a cautious one particular. No just one would like to drop this cone.

The OREO Tubs are the most functional choices in the line. Though that traditional sundae is always a tasty choice, the frozen dessert lends alone to a wide variety of solutions. From cakes to toppings to other inventive concepts, it might be a superior idea to have at the very least 1 tub in the freezer for dessert emergencies.

These new OREO Frozen Treats will arrive in shops commencing in March 2022. More data on store availablity and pricing can be located on line.