Tag’s Take Out Store continues Tagliaferri family tradition of home-cooked Italian food | Local

Tag’s Take Out Store continues Tagliaferri family tradition of home-cooked Italian food | Local

Williamsport, Pa. — Tag’s restaurant was a staple in the Williamsport restaurant scene from the day Aldo and Alivia “Leah” Tagliaferri opened their restaurant on Memorial Ave in 1959.

From 1959 to 2005, Tag’s operated as a family business through generations. The Tagliaferri’s first passed the restaurant unto their children Anthony and Theresa, and now, Alivia and Aldo Tagliaferri, the grandchildren of the original owners, continue the legacy with the Tag’s Take Out Store on 1116 Market St.


Aldo and Alivia “Leah” Tagliaferri 

“People bond over food and family. It was just a one of a kind restaurant. My dad always said you treat everybody with respect and everybody the same whether they’re a janitor or a senator,” Alivia Tagliaferri said.

“We’ve been very fortunate with the following, and even just the newer customers around the neighborhood. It’s so nice to see the new faces along with the old, it’s exciting,” Aldo Tagliaferri added.


Hand-made pasta available for customers to purchase in the takeout store.

Tag’s Take Out store offers a limited Take-out menu with featured items each week. They offer homemade pasta, meat and cheese raviolis, Tags original sauce, and an extremely rare imported olive oil from Italy.

The structure of a take out store, as opposed to a restaurant, allows the Tagliaferri’s to ensure that the quality of the food is akin to that of the original Tag’s restaurant. They operate on a smaller scale as just two siblings without their original, large family of helpers, so takeout gives them more control over the product.

“We’re really happy bringing back the food to the community. With this style of operation, Aldo and I can stay faithful to recipes and consistent quality,” Alivia Tagliaferri said.


A tribute to the family legacy sits in the center of the store.

In 2017, the siblings began operating out of the Carriage House catering venue with once a month pick-up options. Due to their loyal customer following, once a month turned into once a week, which turned into additional dine-in pop up operations out of The Buttery Biscuit, and The Herdic House on occasion. As demand for Tag’s grew, the siblings decided to open the take out store.

“A very loyal following of customers would always say we miss the sauce, we miss the meatballs, we miss the food,” Aldo said, speaking on the consistent reminders of the original Tag’s food and the desire for the recipes to remain in the community.

Tag’s is only one of two restaurants in the United States that uses and sells Oropallo Olive Oil. The Oropallo’s, a seven-generation family of olive growers outside of Naples, produces the oil.


Oropallo Olive Oil displayed inside the take out store. 

“I’m very proud, a new generation is starting. I’m really happy they’re doing this, they’re doing a great job,” Theresa Tagliaferri said. “My husband and my father in-law greeted everyone that came in; they just made you feel at home.”

The current hours for Tag’s Specialty Store are Monday, Tuesday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Wednesday, Thursday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For weekly menus and specials, follow Tag’s on Facebook.

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